Land operator in Kashiba

We make your travel special

Nara Iroha (English Hands Ltd.) is a land operator registered by Nara Prefecture, who arranges and reserves accomodations, transportations, tour guides, and some other options for travel companies. Toward the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and the Osaka Expo in 2025, Japan is getting ready to welcome many foreign travelers throughout the country, and our village Anamushi-Nijo, which remains unknown even to Japanese, is not an exception.


Because it has been unknown, and untouched, some sceneries of the village remain the same as 300 years ago, or even before that, making you imagine how the village was like in the Edo and Meiji periods. Nara Iroha is a local-oriented operator specializing in this village. The owner is a resident of Anamushi-Nijo herself, and can show you deep inside of the village.

Nara Iroha is quite a new operator, started tourism business only in April 2019, but has accumulated its experiences as a translation company over ten years. While there are many land operators in Japan, Nara Iroha is very unique because of the following points.

  • Local-oriented. We know the place, and the people. We can offer you unique programs that you won’t have in other places.
  • Communication-oriented. We can directly communicate with you in English. We are also good listeners and happy to hear your requests.
  • People-oriented. Tourists first, of course, but we think those who welcome tourists must also have fun. Let us enjoy your Japanese stay together with you.

So, when you plan your trip in Japan, don’t forget to include Anamushi-Nijo, Kashiba City, Nara, to make it special. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Nijo-zan Mountain has been quietly looking down the village from the ancient time.
Nijo-zan Mountain has been quietly looking down the village from the ancient time.

Not far from the village is a new housing area where many of young generations live.

You see a mixture of new and old everywhere. 

All photos on this article are by Yasuhiro Sakamoto