Nijo - zan Area

Enjoy a comfortable stay to get ready for the next destination

Address 5-43-1 Hata, Kashiba City [MAP]

Nijo-zan Station, Kintetsu Minami-Osaka Line

About 5 minutes’ walk from the station


9,200 yen for two persons (from booking.com)

Breakfast included

Contact us for the latest information

Chek in /out

15:00 /10:00

KAFUU has three bed rooms, and each room has two beds, making available for a group of six people to stay and enjoy privacy in the house. Even if you are two, no other group will share the house so you can just relax and feel at home in this foreign country. Located close to the railway station, you will see trains running from the terrace while enjoying pleasant wind from Nijo-zan Mountain. 

The owner of guesthouse, who also runs café, serves fresh breakfast for you. During lunch time, when you are probably gone, the café offers one-plate lunch loved particularly by neighboring young mothers and their children. Sweets are also available for your second stomach, but only between 14:00 and 16:00. 

Lunch for November  Hamburger Plate  1,200 yen
Lunch for November Hamburger Plate 1,200 yen

Where to Go

If you walk down to the north from KAFUU for about 15 minutes, there is another station, Nijo Station, of Kintetsu Osaka Line running between Osaka Uehonmachi (Osaka City) and Ise Nakagawa Stations. Ise Grand Shrine has been a place that is strongly related to the Imperial House of Japan.

So, stay at KAFUU to have a bit of break, and head for the next exciting destination. Just to mention that there are no shops around the guesthouse so you need to plan well 

for your dinner. If you have any questions, please contact us. You can also find some information on booking.com and Airbnb.